Press Clippings - November 2011

November 2011

Please find below Press Clippings from Scout Groups around the state, organised in weekly batches. These are pdf files and will open in a new window.

Please note that the dates are a guide only and sometimes articles may be in an earlier or later date range than the publish date.

30th Nov - 2nd Dec - Joey Zoo Day, Grey Wolf Award and more

26th - 29th November - New Kitchen Trailer, Eaglehawk Fundraising, Mildura Environment Program & more

23rd - 25th November

23rd - 25th November (Part B) (Large file) - Rainbow Scouts Christmas Shopping Spree

16th - 22nd November (Part B)

16th - 22nd November (Part A)

12th - 15th November

11th of November

9th - 10th November

5th - 8th November

2nd - 4th November