Now an international sport, it was started just over 30 years ago by three Rovers, and if you turn up to the event on June 22, you'll more than likely meet at least one of them. How's that for a reason to attend - you get to meet and compete with the sport's inventor! How many activities can you do that with?

Rogaining is simply cross-country navigation. You each receive a map and clue sheet, and visit as many checkpoints as you can in five hours.  Any one can enter, and leaders are allowed to join a team or form their own. You can walk, jog, run, do a bit of each (no-one really runs for a whole rogaine).

The Victorian Rogaining Association put on this event every year and it has become a well-oiled process. Teams are checked out for navigational nouse before starting, and sent out accordingly. You can take your leaders with you, or compete against them for bragging rights on the trip home.

Your actual time out in the bush is five hours maximum for the event. Allow extra time for the check-in and route planning (maps are available from 8am), and also afterwards, for the heaps of food available!

The Scout event has categories and trophies for Scouts and Venturers; Rovers and Leaders will get their own category if they turn up!

Of course, there are rogaines throughout the year in all different formats (fancy a bike ride around the suburbs, for example?), just check their calendar at the link below. This particular Sunday is especially for Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders, however.

More more information and to register, visit the website.