Tullapark Scout Group have a close association with the Wildwood Fire Brigade where their Scout Leader, Stealth is an active member.

The brigade has been fighting the Craigieburn/Mickelham fire for over the past week, so the Group took along cakes, fruit and other food for the fire personnel. They were most appreciative but what they really needed was drinks for when they came back from the fire.

A text message was sent out to all Tullapark members for donations of all types of drinks for Wildwood. The Group Leader , Deborah collected them at the hall.The response was fantastic and a carload of drinks was delivered to the station ready for the weekend that was ahead.  The fire in Mickelham is running towards Kilmore and is still requiring the support of over 50 vehicles from Craigieburn, Wildwood and Bulla fire stations. And while currently being contained it will depend on the winds over the next few days as to how long the firefighters will be on alert.

To the Scout Groups that are not in a fire zone at the moment and their local brigade is assisting the CFA in various areas please contact them and see how you can help.

It's the little acts of kindness that can make the day of someone you don't know.