Channel 10 visited Catholic Regional College (CRC) Sydenham yesterday and met with Brendan Watson our new Chief Commissioner (officially started today) to see a revolution in teaching happening at the college.  In 2014 Catholic Regional College Sydenham introduces a new program that sees the 100 year old Scouting program contribute to the VCE and VCAL.  

 It has been a long road but finally Scouting is now contributing to senior secondary qualifications in Victoria. Contributing to VCE and VCAL, the Venturer Award can now provide young people aged 14-17.5 with a real option to learn in doing while at school. So appealing is the program that 20% of the students at Catholic Regional College Sydenham have taken up the exciting new course to form the largest Venturer Unit in Australia. The modern era of Scouting is now upon us, it is time to corner new markets, think outside the square and take a 100 year old tried and true values based program to more young people so as to benefit the future of Australia.

and here is the clip from the news