On Friday night the Joeys of Hume district were transformed into Possums all with a bit of magic and imagination. And Tullapark Joeys were there to enjoy the fun.

The Joeys were transformed into Possums with the magic of the storybook "Possum Magic" by Mem Fox. Grandma Poss was there to tell the story of how she turned her grandson Hush invisible so that snakes couldn't eat him. But then he decided that he'd like to be visible but Grandma Poss couldn't remember the magic that she would have to use except that it was something to do with people food and so they traveled around Australia to find the right food to make Hush visible.

The Hume district joeys were made invisible by Grandma Poss and then they traveled everywhere around Australia (various parts of the Fitzroy gardens) to find food that eventually turned them into... you guessed it POSSUMS.

They had Anzacs in Adelaide, Minties in Melbourne, Saladas in Sydney, Pumpkin scones in Brisbane, Vegemite sandwiches in Darwin, Pavlova in Perth and Lamingtons in Hobart. And YES they grew a tail, ears and noses. So a huge parcel of possums did a dance around the Lamington plate and then they roamed around the gardens with their leaders and parents and meet their relatives the Melbourne Possums who came down from the trees to greet them, well we did have apples to feed them.

The possums came down out of the trees once the joeys remembered to be quiet. They were able to hand feed them and some even let themselves be patted to the delight of the Joeys. A great magical time was had by all.

     IMG_4516      IMG_4520        

Grandma Poss explains how to make the magic work and her helpers hand out the special food     

    IMG_4529       IMG_4526

The magic worked here's Grandma Poss and 2 possums  and then the possums got to feed the possums and have a pat.