On the 1st of August when all the Good Service awards were announced, Tullapark was proud to have 2 members on the list.


Firstly Donna Jones-Weatherly is a Scout leader at Tullapark. Her time with the section has been most beneficial to the youth and the parents, she brings a lot of fun and happiness to the section nights and camps. Her family were very proud of her achievement and her son Beau is currently working on his Queen Scout award. Donna was presented with the Special Service Award, Congratulations.

Secondly there was Damian Clow who has been in the scouting movement since he joined as a cub. He went through all the sections, achieving his Queen scout as a venturer. Damian was assistant scout leader at Tullapark and then moved on to the Venturer section where he assisted those leaders. He currently is in Adult support and helps the group out with running Fire awareness nights and supporting his daughter Ella who is in the Joey section. Damian received the Special Service award. Both his parents are leaders at Tullapark and were very proud of Damian in receiving this special recognition, Congratulations.

All the leaders, scout members and parents are very proud of our 2 recipients  Well done!

                     IMG_3657  IMG_3667

                                            Damian and Donna waiting to be presented with their award

                   IMG_3686       IMG_3699

                           Neil, Donna, Damian, Deborah and Annette               Damian and proud daughter Ella