I wish to announce to members of Scouts Victoria the forthcoming retirement of the Chief Commissioner of Victoria, Bob Taylor AM effective from 1 February 2014.  While Bob’s second term as Chief Commissioner was due to expire on 30 June 2014 he has made this decision to allow the incoming Chief Commissioner to begin their appointment at the start of the Scouting year.

Bob has had a distinguished service record of over 50 years as a Scout Leader and was awarded an AM this year in recognition of his service to Scouting and the community.  Bob has been instrumental in a number of major changes in Scouting during his term as Chief Commissioner.  Scouts Victoria has experienced good growth in youth and adult member numbers over the last seven years and this trend is set to continue.  On behalf of you all I extend our thanks to Bob for his excellent leadership, vision and friendship and congratulate him on the excellent legacy he leaves for the next generation of Scout Leaders.  

I am sure that Bob will continue to assist Scouting in many ways

The application process for Bob’s replacement will commence shortly. At its meeting on 27 August the BEC approved arrangements for the composition of the Advisory Committee which will recommend to the BEC a candidate for the position of Chief Commissioner.

The Advisory Committee will consist of:

  1. Two non-uniformed members of the BEC
  2. One District Commissioner, one Region Commissioner, one Branch Commissioner, and one Deputy Chief Commissioner or Assistant Chief Commissioner each of whom will be selected by their own cohort provided that the Region Commissioner will not come from the same Region as the District Commissioner.
  3. The Chief Commissioner of Australia.

Yours in Scouting

John de Wijn
Branch Executive Council
Scouts Australia (Victorian Branch)

Thursday 29 August 2013