The Hume district Joeys all got together for a fun Toy Story themed night sleepover. They all arrived at the hall about 7pm and for some their overnight bag was bigger than them, lucky it was just one night!

Joeys then  were all able to make some very special items like their own Slinky dogs, Buzz Lightyear and his rocketship, and cookies that looked  like Woody's hat. They were then sent off to the township scene and tried their skills at lassoing a cone and a dinosaur???

Once all the activities were done it was time to get into those PJ's and settle into bed. Of course Woodstock and Red had the supply of  chips and cookies to eat in bed, a must, while the movie was getting set up, thanks Sparky.

The movie began and surprisingly it was the leaders that were feeling a bit tired. Joeys not sleeping and leaders getting very sleepy so Toy Story 2 was put on. That did it for most and the leaders all fell asleep too. There was silence in the hall except for the growl of ...was that a dinosaur!!!

In the morning it was time for breakfast in bed... WHAT did I say?  Yes breakfast in bed! The leaders made pancakes and the Joeys stayed snuggled up in their sleeping bags and enjoyed the yummy breaky.

Time to get dressed and packup...mmmmmm  need to work on those rolling the sleeping bags before Kangaree, might have to program that in, 20 bags later everyone ready for mum and dad. Mum and dads arrived and happy to take their little Joeys back. Leaders going home for a rest.

Thanks to all the leaders who attended and to those that couldn't but still helped get the event ready the Joeys really enjoyed it and had a fun night. Red and Woodstock.