After much preparation, on the weekend of the 13th-15th of September the Scouts Victoria Branch Youth Council met for its first weekend meeting at the beautiful Warburton Rover Memorial Chalet on Mount Donna Buang. With a total of 11 of our 14 members present, we began to develop our organisational structure, including the election of our first Executive team and allocation of working parties.

We were lucky enough to be joined on Saturday morning by Chris Neilsen, the Chair of the National Youth Council, to give us some tips on how the NYC works. Later on in the afternoon, Steve Tyas of the  National Youth Program Review (and former NYC adviser) joined us to talk about the Review. He took the honour of being the first to mine us for input, asking us about our 'burning issues' and what we see the future of Scouting to hold.

We finished Saturday with a formal dinner, where we were joined by Bob Taylor, Chief Commissioner Scouts Victoria; Greg McDougall, Assistant Chief Commissioner - Youth Program; and Cliff Dent, Branch Commissioner - Venturers. Steve also stuck around, and our BYCers had the opportunity to network, and probe the Commissioners for answers to their burning questions!

Exciting times ahead for youth involvement in decision making in Victoria! 


Executive team:

Chair: Annie Asquith

Vice-Chair: Ezgi Bridger

PLs: Mitch Gardner; Chris Gardner (not related!)