Appointment of Australia’s first National Children’s Commissioner is an outstanding step in enshrining the rights of our children and creating a nationally consistent approach to the protection of children. 

Scouts Australia congratulates Ms Megan Mitchell on her appointment as the principal advocate for children and young people across all states and territories.

Scouts Australia National Commissioner, Reg Williams, said this approach will help to bring all of the key organisations together with governments, to continue the important work of protecting and supporting children and young people.
“Scouts takes its responsibility to stand up for civil and human rights very seriously, and as a champion of the rights of children we are a strong supporter of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,” said Mr Williams.

“Children are the most vulnerable members of our community, and need special care and protection. Scouts’ guidelines are based on the principles of non-discrimination and human rights, and coupled with an educational and recreational program of human rights education for all age groups.”

Scouts firmly believes that children should neither benefit nor suffer because of their race, colour, gender, language, religion, national, social or ethnic origin, or because of any political or other opinion; because of their caste, property or birth status; or because they have a disability.

Mr Williams said Scouts NSW has worked collaboratively with Ms Mitchell in her current role as New South Wales Commissioner for Children and Young People, and looks forward to continuing this positive relationship.
“I am certain she will do a great job of making sure the needs of children and young people are put front and centre – having oversight of an Australia-wide operation of the Convention for the protection of children’s rights.”

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