The UK recently commissioned a study into the impact of Scouting on the UK's young people, adults and community.

Below is a link to the executive summary of the research, here is a summary of the findings

External organisations

They said that staff within the workplace who had been involved in Scouting were above-average employees across a range of attributes. In particular around six out of ten employers said:

  • Scouts had developed team working skills
  • Scouts showed respect for others, which was important when working with peers, customers and clients
  • Scouting helped build character and personal development
  • Scouts showed confidence and leadership abilit

Young people

88% of our young people said that Scouting helps them improve their key skills, including social skills, teamwork ability, leadership ability and confidence.

92% of our young people said that Scouting helped them build good relationships and long-lasting friendships.

88% of our young people said that Scouting helped them at school and in employment.


95% of our volunteers said that Scouting helped them improve their physical skills, including the improved ability to cope with outdoor conditions.

97% of our volunteers said that being involved helped them with relationship building.

41% of wider community organisations said that if Scouting was on a job applicant’s CV it would be a positive influence on their appointment.


82% of young people and 90% of adult volunteers take part in community service or a volunteering activity at least once a year.

41% of Scouts volunteer for other charitable organisations.

80% of community organisations and local businesses surveyed believe that Scouting benefits their organisation, and 69% said Scouting involvement benefited their clients or service users.


To read the research report please click here