Mallee Mud CampBetween the 4th - 6th of November over 250 Scouts from across Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales traveled to Tapio Station, near Wentworth in South Western New South Wales, for the 35th Annual Mallee Rover Crew, Mud Camp.

This event attracts over 250 Scouts aged between 11 and 14 years old as well as over 50 Venturer scouts, Rover Scouts and Leaders who assist the Mallee Rover Crew to run activities for the event.

The Rovers plan and organize the event over the course of the year and put significant effort into the preparation as as Crew Leader Harry Redman explained “the event takes one week to set up and 2 days to pull down”. However this year due to recent flooding a lot of the mud pits and activities were damaged when the Darling River broke its banks at that start of the year and as such a number of working bees were held to to repair the site so it was ready for this year’s camp. 

The victorious Ballarat District TeamWith activities such as mud-rugby, slippery cricket, tie-dying, initiative trail, capture-the-flag and totem pole carving, the Scouts are given a diverse range of activities that challenges them to learn and develop new skills.

On Saturday the event was visited by Local Victorian MP David Crisp of the Mildura Electorate who described the event as “a  wonderful adventure for young people.” With the event attracting Scouts from 19 Scout Groups and Guide Units from across 3 states, the Scouts are given the opportunity to meet new people and build friendships that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do.

The event also has a competitive side with teams being awarded points for their leadership, teamwork and attitude towards the activities and this year the trophy was taken out by the Ballarat District Team (pictured above).

Mallee Rover Crew would like to thank all the teams that participated in this year’s camp as well as all the Leaders and Venturers that supported the event.

Mud Wrestling Mud Rugby