Info And Forms - Current Vehicle Issues

Current Vehicle Issues

This is a list of vehicles - mainly trailers - that have an current registration, but the State Office knows nothing about. Please check the list and let know if you know of any of these.

C93117          U36229          V69579          W97993    

R69144          U78820                               X00722

S81394         V69575          W86534         


And this is a more embarrassing list of trailers that Groups say are registered and they aren't (check the VicRoads website if you think otherwise, and see for yourself) or that aren't actually Scout trailers, they belong to someone else.

Please note that in both instances, these trailers are not insured.

If your trailer is on here, get in touch with and we'll help you sort it out (and sorry for the wiggly lines):

A10988               B42907                  B68260                  B73831                  B83186 

C15191               C23123                  C34155                  C34229                  C35031 

C56107               D26051                 D44988                 D80910                 D87416

D88594               E05496                  E43673                  E66898                  E83284

E83658                E95044                  F47398                  F47829                  F58707

F77540                F81608                  J80345                   L33623                  L73562

N16860               N22870                 N54241                 N67949                 N72694

P43237               P47747                  P56162                  P60649                  P61612                 

P01215               Q05553                 Q34105                 Q39678                 Q42251                

Q57276               Q63651                 Q80869                 Q90304                 R10887

R11610               R18576                  R19494                  R30527                  R42902

R53803               R55326                  R58726                  R59348                  R61144

R86636               S15427                  S20208                  S36081                  S54809                 

S62968                S64100                  S64349                  S79839                  S95847

SI4983                 T12194                  T14739                 T59295                T61675                  

T68731               T83603                U03147                 U10131                 U11981                 

U11982               U29131               U33818                 U75972                 U87400                 

U97923                V12584               V94364                 W01067                W21817                

W53618               W79755              W00905

 And also power boats:

CK 697         HW504       MK910