On behalf of Victorian Branch Rover Council, we are pleased to announce that the ‘I want to be a Rover’ program that came into effect in 2007 is to be relaunched in 2012. The program has undergone a re-vamp and now covers Joeys Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts.  The aim of this program is to develop relationships between the younger youth members of Scouting and the Leaders of these young people.

The benefit to the Rover section is that Rover Crews will be given the opportunity to interact with the future of the Rover Section planting the seeds of Rovering in these young minds and increasing the positive image of the Rover Section.

Rover Crews that utilize this opportunity and make contact with a local Joey Mob, Cub Pack or Scout Troop and run a joint night with the section either in their group or with a group in their district will be given valuable experience in management, leadership and personal develop for both the individuals and crews.

But I don’t know anything about running a night for a Mob, Pack or Troop!

The BRC Marketing Team has created a collection of programs and resources for you detailing everything you need to do to run the program, as well as a step by step guide from deciding to run this exciting initiative, right up to the night and even the post program follow up with the section leaders.

All Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts that participate in the “I want to be a Rover” program will receive their very own I want to be a Rover red woggle that you can order from www.vicscouts.com.au/i-want-to-be-a-rover

The woggles are strictly limited and much sought after. Rover Crews interested in running the program are advised to make contact with leaders from the section ASAP and get their request in before the woggles run out.

However don’t let that deter you from running a combined night with a younger section anyway, the more that Rover Scouts are out in the public the more we are seen, and it is the same for within the movement, the more good work the Rover Scout section does in the youth sections the better the image of the Rover Section becomes.

Before undertaking this task, please ensure that all members of your Crew have completed their working with children check and forwarded a copy of the card to their region office for Branch records. REMEMBER NO WWC= NO INTER-SECTIONAL NIGHTS.

Don’t forget to write an article or send some photos in of your night to brc.marketing@vicscouts.asn.au  and we can post them on the new and improved www.vicrovers.com and www.vicscouts.com.au

Please feel free to contact the Victorian Branch Rover Council Marketing Officer if you have any questions about the “I want to be a Rover” program or anything related to the marketing and promotion of the Rover section.