Hoadley Hide 2012

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Hoadley Hide Entry Application

Please note that this form does not save, so be sure to scan through and check you have all the relevant information before starting to fill out the form.

This includes:

  • All team member details
  • Leader endorsement
  • Emergency contact details
  • Unit plans relating to the weekend

Closing date for applications is the 30th of March

Please read the Conditions of Entry before applying. Click here to download.Completion and submission of this form implies you and your team have read and agree with the conditions of entry.

Team Details

These are the details relating to the whole team entry


Each Team Member must submit an individual Initiative Course Entry Form.


Select if team is arriving Thursday night.

A fee of $5 per Venturer (payable on arrival). More information will be given in Team Reply Letter.

Emergency Contact

The emergency contact must be contactable and available during the entire event to take you home if necessary.

Crew referral?

Tick the box if yes

Who is a contact person in the Crew?

Team Leader (Venturer) Details

The following details should be filled out by the Venturer who is the Team Leader for the event

please enter your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy

 Female   Male 

Please enter your Scout Registration Number here

Team Leader confirmation

1. I confirm that all the other applicants are registered members of their Association(s), and are adequately prepared and physically fit as defined in the Conditions of Entry.

2. I have read and agree with the Hoadley Hide 2012 Conditions of Entry (click here to view) and acknowledge that the contents of our packs can be inspected during the event by the Hide Chief or their nominee.

3. I understand that health forms will be sent out with the Team Reply letter. These must be completed and signed by the Parent/Guardian and presented at check-in at Hoadley Hide.

4. I understand that we are required to arrange our own transport to Hoadley Hide.

5. Payment via either cheque or electronic transfer has been arranged ($50 per Venturer).

6. Our team agrees to the target levels of participation we have chosen below.

Minimum 3 stunts

Minimum 6 stunts

Minimum is 6 stunts

Minimum is 15 stunts

 I, the Team Leader, agree to the above statements
 I, the Team Leader, do not agree with the above statements

Team Member 2 Details

The following details relate to team member 2

please enter your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy

 Female   Male 

Please enter your Scout Registration Number here

Team Member 3 Details

The following details relate to team member 3

please enter your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy

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Please enter your Scout Registration Number here

Team Member 4 Details

These details relate to team member 4

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Please enter your Scout Registration Number here

Team Member 5 Details

These details relate the the 5th team member

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Please enter your Scout Registration Number here

Team Member 6 Details

The following details relate to team member 6

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Please enter your Scout Registration Number here

Leader Endorsement

A leader can only sign an entry form for members of their own unit. Where a combined unit comprises of Venturers/Guides from more than one unit, separate leader signatures are required.

As a condition of entry, I certify that all team members have successfully undertake the following:
a. With another Venturer Scout/Guide, pitched and struck a hike tent at night
b. Demonstrated how to pack a rucksack correctly
c. Participated in at least 2 practice hikes
d. Built and lit an open fire and cooked on it a sustaining meal for two people
e. Demonstrated the ability to read a map and orientate it both by compass and visible features
f. Understand the basic principles of first aid knowledge and treatment of hypothermia
g. Have suitable clothing available for dry and/or wet weather conditions
h. Have appropriate footwear for rugged terrain
i. Show an awareness of the safety provisions relevant to bushfires
j. Have been instructed and shown competency in the safe use of gas and trangia style stoves

  • As an adult leader, I will check and if necessary remedy deficiencies with the Venturers/Guides equipment prior to departure
  • The targets set by the team are realistic and achievable
  • Any changes to the Team prior to the commencement of the Hide will be notified on a "Change of Team Member" form and presented at the Check-in at Hoadley Hide
  • I have read the conditions of entry and the entry form and believe the information recorded is accurate.

I confirm all the listed Team members attending Hoadley Hide are:
- fully registered members of the Scout/Guide Association(s)
- fulfil the above mentioned requirements
- are physically fit

NB: Failure to comply with the above may result in the Team being removed from the event (see Conditions of Entry)


Direct Credit to the following bank account using the Team Leader Surname to identify the deposit

The Scout Association of Australia Hoadley Hide Account

BSB: 733-149  Account Number:53-9002

or send a cheque to Hoadley Hide c/- Bentleigh Scout Centre P O Box 178 East Bentleigh   VIC   3165

 I endorse the Above statements
 I do not endorse the above stamements

Tick box for yes.

Leader Attendance

If the leader is going to be attending Hoadley mark either where they are working during the event, or tick the box to be allocated an activity for the event.

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