Gilwell Heritage - Totem Poles At Gilwell

Totem Poles At Gilwell

The Totem Poles at Gilwell Park

Our Heritage listed totems represent some of the most outstanding features to be found at Gilwell Park.

Totems tell a story about an important event or person, a favourite fable, lesson learned, belief or origin of a tribe, clan or particular family. The North American Indians are known to have carved totems in the 1700’s. There are 5 totems in the grounds of Gilwell.

The earliest was carved by Edgar Derrick and Sam Wilkinson and it is recorded that when B.P visited Gilwell in 1931, whilst it was being carved, he signed the totem. The signature was subsequently chiselled into the timber and it remains today.

The second totem was carved by 1st Footscray in 1949 and originally was part of their campsite Gateway on Forest Path.  In 1994 the pole was restored and placed in position alongside The Lodge.

There are 3 other totems, and they mark the entrance to the Office and No.1 car park.  The 1st totem was carved by the Footscray Old Boys in 2005 as was the 2nd later in 2007.  The 3rd was carved by Max Martin, a former G.L of 1st Nunawading, on behalf of the Baden Powell Masonic Lodge. The Totem was erected in August 2009. 

Each of the totems, as convention dictates, tells the story of a groups experience at Gilwell Park. There are 10 brackets in total located at the entrance representing the original 10 Scout Laws  There are 7 brackets available for your group’s history. You are invited to immortalize your group or district's experiences at Gilwell by carving a totem and adding it to the formal entrance to Gilwell Park.

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