Sub Camps

The Sub Camps for Cuboree:

At Cuboree 2017, there will be 4 Sub Camps.  Sub Camps 1-3 will be for Cubs camping with their Leaders in their Packs and Sub Camp 4 will be for the Activities Staff.  Each Sub Camp has a theme:


Sub Camp 1:

Scarf Colour: Dark Blue

Sub Camp Leader: Wayne Freeman

Theme: Sinbad, The Legend Of The 7 Seas


Sub Camp 2

Scarf Colour: Dark Green

Sub Camp Leader: Ian Thorne

Theme: The Market Bazaar


Sub Camp 3:

Scarf Colour: Dark Orange

Sub Camp Leader: Jeff Kemp

Theme: Magic Carpet Ride


Sub Camp 4:

Scarf Colour: Red

Sub Camp Leader: Barbara Allford

Theme: The Duck Inn


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