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This page contains basic information about Cuboree, to make sure that you and your Cubs have a great time!

The Victorian Cuboree is a week-long camp for Cub Scouts, held every three years.

Each Cuboree to date has been held at Gilwell Park, in Gembrook.

Approximately 3,500 Cub Scouts from across Victoria will attend Cuboree 9, 2017.  On top of this, there will be over 1,000 leaders and support staff on site, to look after the Cubs.


The Basics:

  • Cuboree is open to all current, Registered Cub Scouts born on or after the 2nd of October 2006, who have completed the requirements for the Camp Out Badge . (Click here for the criteria)

  • Cuboree is held at Gilwell Park on the outskirts of Gembrook in the Dandenong Ranges.  Click Here for more information on Gilwell Park.
  • There will be 3 Youth Sub Camps
  • Catering will be within the Pack Lines and Cub Scouts are not to be involved with the cooking.

  • There will be 8 awesome activities spread across 5 fun-filled days.
  • Cubs will camp in a Pack of 36 Cubs, 7 Leaders, 3  Adult Supporters (and carers as required)



The Camp is divided into Sub-Camps.  Sub Camps 1-3 are for Cubs and their Leaders, and Sub Camp 4 is for Support Staff.

Sub Camps 1-3 will each have around thirty Cub Packs.

Each Cub Pack is comprised of 36 Cubs, 7 Leaders and 3 Cooks (ideally). The District Leaders – Cub Scouts’ and the State Cub Scout Council will allocate the Packs in July 2017.  Cubs from the same Cub Pack at home, are kept in the Same Packs for Cuboree.  A Cuboree Pack might be made up from Cubs and Leaders from one Cub Pack, or Cubs and Leaders from across a District, Region or  State. (Or possibly interstate)

The Cubs will be sleeping in tents for the duration of Cuboree, and each Cub will need to be able to carry everything they bring with them.  Cubs have a tendency to spread their belongings across the campsite, so make sure that everything is named! – A comprehensive Kit List will be provided closer to Cuboree.




Most of Monday is taken up by travelling to a Cuboree, setting up and checking out the camp.  With this in mind, the activities are designed so Packs can drop in as they please.  On Monday night, the Cubs will be dazzled by a fun filled Opening Ceremony.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

These are the three action packed, ‘Main Activity’ days . After breakfast, the Cubs go to a morning ‘Rev Up’ to get them ready for their Day.  The first activity starts at 9:45, and concludes at 11:45, in time for lunch back at Camp.  The next activity starts at 1:45 and finishes at 3:45, leaving plenty of time for Showers before Dinner, and the evening entertainment starts at 7:30, and runs for around one hour.

For Cuboree 2017, There will be ONE ‘wet and muddy’ activity.



Friday is a similar day to Monday, as most of the day is spent Packing up and heading home.  



Cubs are fed in their pack lines, by Cooks (most of whom are parents). The Food is delivered each afternoon, to the Sub Camp HQ, where the cooks collect it and prepare the meals.  Cubs are not to be involved with the cooking at all.  The kitchens and dining areas are setup just like they would be on a normal camp under canvass.



With over 4,500 people on site, The Cuboree is bigger than many country towns.  At Cuboree 2017, we will have our own Police Station and Medical Centre.

If some Cubs need a bit of extra TLC, we have a dedicated Welfare team to look after them.

We have First Aiders,  Nurses and Doctors to look after any sickies, as well as the inevitable bumps and scrapes.

We have a dedicated Works and Services team who keep Cuboree running smoothly behind the scenes.

We have dedicated Activities teams to keep the Cubs entertained.

You name it, we have it!



Cubs travel to Cuboree from across Victoria in coaches.  Each coach will pick Cubs up as close to their home pack as possible on the Monday, and they are returned to the same place on the Friday.  Travelling to Cuboree is part of the experience, and we only allow independent travellers under special circumstances.


Parent Helpers

Parent helpers are more than welcome, provided they have approval from their Group Leader.  Parent helpers must be registered with State HQ and hold a Working With Children Check, and a Police Clearance.  Once they have their registration number, and the WWCC and Police Clearance Dates have been loaded onto the Extranet, they can apply online. Parents are not permitted to ‘drop in’ and visit during the day, as this only encourages home sickness.  Every person attending the Cuboree, must be registered and have applied to come.  Also, those over 18 must have a Working With Children Check, and a Police Clearance.


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