The 8th Victorian Cuboree will be held from September 29th, until October 3rd, 2014 at Gilwell Park in Gembrook.


Gilwell Park has like most of the North Central area, experienced strong winds and a medium level of rain. There has been no adverse impact on Cuboree 2014 or the participants. The weather is expected to continue for a short period of time and that we will continue with some lighter rain over the next few days.

The Cuboree Management Team as well as Police and the SES have met and considered the situation and the projected weather. There are no plans to close the camp or evacuate anyone, it is expected that things will return to normal soon. 

Rest assured that all Leaders, and youth members are in high spirits and look forward to continuing the event. Cuboree management will always make the decisions that are in the best interest of Safety and Security for our people. 

We will continue to actively monitor the situation, you will be kept updated of any changes or important matters.

Please do not clog up the Cuboree phone numbers by telephoning unnecessarily.

Russell Bradd

Chief Director – Cuboree 8




The EMERGENCY Contact Number for Cuboree is : 03 8543 9821

Email enquiries can be sent to


BUS TRAVELLERS: You can now find your transport information here. (Updated 24/09)


This is a FINAL REMINDER for those who have registered, but haven't paid:

People who are yet to pay: If we haven't received your payment (or heard from you) by tomorrow (Thursday 25/09), your application will be withdrawn, and you will not be permitted to come to Cuboree.

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