Contributing To Australian Scout


These are the short, unique items of national interest at the front of the magazine (eg Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year; a celebrity visit eg Bear Grylls; Appearance on national TV.)  Remember, “News” is the plural of new. 

Send News items directly to the Editor at


Usually one- or two-page spreads on events and ideas which are major or new or relevant to the program theme that month (eg an international visit; a unique camp or hike that would inspire others; food or snow or survival or other program idea that’s relevant to the themes of that month)

Before compiling a proposed Feature item, check with the Editor at as to available space and whether the item merits Features treatment.

Program pages

Contributions can be sent directly to the coordinators of these pages and may appear sometime in the future when there is a relevant theme

Send items for the Program pages directly to the coordinators of these Sections – their addresses appear on their pages most months.  Or send it to the Editor at and asked that it be forwarded to the relevant Program coordinator.

Looking locally

small, every-day events at Section, Group and District level (eg family camp, individual awards,

Send items for Looking Locally directly to the Editor at